I believe in beauty, pure and simple. Beauty is all around us, and it has a voice. We need to listen now and then. And pay tribute.

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, and I represent what my eyes see. In the natural world, beauty to my eye is often communicated as a life-force energy. This energy has a Spirit. When I include human-made objects, I listen to the Spirit embedded in the object. I recognize that this Spirit transcends the dimensions that we deal with every day when using our five senses.

Through careful listening and feeling, it is this "Spirit Within" that I seek to capture and reveal through my prints. Through the abstraction seen on the ground glass, working with large format view cameras ranging from 4x5 to 11x14 enables me to realize my vision. A view camera obliges a methodical working process, well-suited to listening for the Spirit and capturing it on film.


Photo by Jan Bogle