Print Pricing

My images are available for purchase as archival fine-art prints individually produced by me in a 'wet darkroom'.  Pricing varies depending on size and presentation options.  All of the images on this website, with the exception of the 'Print of the Season' are sold in Editions.  With some materials becoming scarcer, I want to be able to guarantee I can produce a small number of prints using the materials that produce the best possible print, for each image.  Thus I am keeping edition sizes moderate.  Total edition sizes are indicated below.  For Editions of 15, 25, or 30 prints, each tier will have five prints.  Editions of 50 prints will have tiers with 10 prints each. Prices will increase moderately as tiers sell out.  Pricing for future tiers is available on request.  Pricing for the first tier, where all images currently reside:

  Matted Print Framed Print
Gelatin Silver Images    
8x10 Print Matted to 11x14 (Edition of 50) $200 $275
11x14 Print Matted to 16x20 (Edition of 50) $300 $400
16x20 Print Matted to 22x26 (Edition of 25) $500 $650
20x24 Print Matted to 28x32 (Edition of 15) $700 $900
Platinum / Palladium Images    
4x5 Print Matted to 11x14 (Edition of 25) $250 $325
5x7 Print Matted to 11x14 (Edition of 25) $350 $425
7x8.5 Print Matted to 14x17 (Edition of 30) $400 $500
8x10 Print Matted to 14x17 (Edition of 15) $450 $550
11x14 Print Matted to 16x20 (Edition of 15) $600 $700
14x18 Print Matted to 20x24 (Edition of 15) $750 $900


Camera Work - I have worked primarily with large format view cameras ranging from 4x5 to 11x14 from 1997 to present.  A view camera obliges a methodical working process, and offers the ultimate in composition flexibility.  This 'slowing down' effect forces me to study each scene carefully.  View cameras also produce wonderfully large negatives that are a joy to work with in the darkroom.

Gelatin Silver Prints - The gelatin-silver process uses techniques and materials honed over the last ~130 years. While certain materials have disappeared due to the conditions a commerical enterprise must face, I have (re)discovered those materials that work best for each series of images.  I work with high silver content papers to achieve rich tonality and deep blacks, using archival techniques at every stage of the process.  I print using a DeVere 5x7 enlarger and prime enlarging lenses for each format.

Platinum / Palladium Prints - The platinum printing process produces a very delicate, long tonal range. The addition of palladium displays a warmer tone in the image as well as enabling delicate highlights and deeper blacks. An additional benefit of the process is exceptional long-term stability and archival life that only the ‘noble metals’ such as platinum and palladium can provide in a photographic print. A well-made platinum / palladium print is capable of aging over 1000 years without degradation in image quality.  As a contact-printing process, the image size is the same as the negative size.  The right paper is carefully chosen and hand-coated for each print.  My favorite mediums for these prints are Japanese Kozo (mulberry), Arches Platine, and Bergger COT320 papers.  I work primarily with in-camera negatives in sizes ranging from 4x5 through 11x14 inches, as well as occasionally with digitally-enlarged negatives for particular projects or prints.