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Each silver or platinum/palladium “Print of the Season” is hand crafted by me in my 'wet darkroom' using archival processes.   These prints are on 8" x 10" paper, matted with 4-ply museum-quality board, ready to directly frame into any standard 11" x 14" frame. The POS Silver Prints are $100 and the Platinum/Palladium Prints are $150, including shipping and handling. This reduced-price offer is valid on all POS Prints offered, not just the current release.  All prints come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you would like to purchase a print for yourself or a loved one, you can order via PayPal in the Print of the Season Image Gallery, or simply notify me via the Contact Page on this website.  You can also let me know via the Contact Page if you would like to be added to the email list to receive quarterly notification of new images.

~ Spring 2015 ~

Platinum Print of the Season for Spring 2015


As John Cleese from Monty Python’s Flying Circus would say “And now, for something completely different”. It was several years ago when I entered the Burnaby Village Museum in British Columbia with the old carousel, beautifully restored and fully operational. I fell in love with Vivian the moment I saw her. She was in the company of some pretty attractive fillies, but she just stood out in her gleaming white and high toss golden mane, not to mention her derriere decorated with a lily and a bell. Briefly putting my emotions aside, I got back to the left-brained activity of working with a large format camera.  I calculated a 2 minute exposure with my Leonardo ultra-wide 8x10 pinhole camera – just enough time to expose while the carousel was stopped to load the next set of passengers. Nobody would get near my Vivian while she was under my watch. I quickly set the camera up and Vivian was born onto 8x10 film. I offer an original 8x10 Platinum/Palladium Print of Vivian for the special price of $150.


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